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McChord AFB Commissary photo

McChord AFB Commissary

November 04th, 2022

I have a love/hate relationship with this commissary. It feels new and exciting because the layout is different than any other commissary I've been in, but for the same reason, I feel like it takes much longer to shop because it is not predictable like others. I have not had issues with expired food or vegetables that don't last, although this is a common complaint in this area. The staff has been as helpful I have always experienced forever. You don't have to pay for bags on base like you do off. The self check out allows you to skip the bagger, as usual, so if you're looking to minimize the fees, that is an option. The novelty candy is always buried in the front. and is the last thing you see.

Great Clips photo

Great Clips

November 04th, 2022

I've used Great Clips for both me and my son. Overall, my experience has always been fine. The online check in provides several location options and accurate wait times in my experience. The cut has always been what I've asked for and I've been treated professionally. They do not offer perm services to accommodate the mullet trend happening in Little League baseball these days, but otherwise my experience has been in line with a chain salon. I did get a wash once and had to ask for it. If you hate the upsell, this is a great aspect for you. They typically cut dry and don't style. All in all, it's just fine for your basic services.

O'Reilly Auto Parts photo

O'Reilly Auto Parts

November 04th, 2022

I had a great experience here. It is common to be dismissed as unknowledgeable about what I need as a female in a male dominated outlet, but I was treated respectfully. The service was quick and verified that while what they had in stock was not exactly what I asked for, was still an appropriate alternative. It was relatively affordable and the staff offered a military discount without prompting. The return policy was explained well and seemed to be sufficient if I were to run into problems. The part worked fine, so I don't remember the specifics of the policy. It was otherwise clean and well staffed. The shelves appeared well stocked and not terribly impacted by the Covid supply chain issues.

Jiffy Lube photo

Jiffy Lube

November 04th, 2022

My experience here has generally been pretty good. The services are friendly and quick. There are several coupon options if you search for them, but I did have an interesting encounter. My employer offers a benefit where the code is given as a fleet code, but my car is obviously not a fleet vehicle. There was some question of if they could honor the code, but the solution ended up being that my employer's discount was the same as being a military family. All is well that ends well, but the confusion was a bit disappointing. I verified after the fact that I had followed directions appropriately to be sure it wasn't my error.

Ruston Way Waterfront photo

Ruston Way Waterfront

November 04th, 2022

This is one of my favorite places! There are several options for restaurants in the area, along with a zoo, a garden, and a marina. There is plenty of hiking around there too. It is common for whales to come through and even more common for seals. The water is relatively clear, although cold. It is heavily trafficked with ships with the port nearby, but the views are beautiful, especially when the mountain is out. There is an outdoor market in the summer months and plenty of public options for a leisurely day around the water. I've never felt unsafe in the area and the art is interesting. It's a touristy area, but plenty of locals too!

Museum of Glass photo

Museum of Glass

November 04th, 2022

This is a really interesting spot. There are the predictable art displays and several of them are changed regularly. There is a section where children's art is turned to glass sculpture. There is a bridge that crosses the interstate with awesome art pieces displayed. The fountains outside are nice with plenty of tourists. My favorite part is the glass studio with live demonstrations. It is truly fascinating with thorough descriptions of what is happening. It is warmer in there than you might predict if you've never experienced something similar. If you visit in the winter months, I would dress in layers so you can remove clothing while watching.

Regal Lakewood & RPX photo

Regal Lakewood & RPX

November 04th, 2022

This is our Go To movie theater, albeit we aren't huge movie goers. It is close to some low key restaurants and has an arcade. It's great for a chill date night. They have Pepsi products and the prices are in line with most theaters. There is a kiosk to make gift card and ticket purchases easy, but also has a human option available. We've always seen plenty of staff to direct "traffic" and have found them helpful. It's a broader Regal Theaters intro, but it has the roller coaster thing--makes me a little nauseous. The sound has never been over powering for me, although I say that with a disclaimer that I haven't watched an action move there.

Craft Theory photo

Craft Theory

November 04th, 2022

I love going here! Craft Theory offers a wide variety of projects through out the month at varying price points. There are classes for children of all ages. She provides great instructions and all the supplies needed. I was able to purchase a card that gives a bit of a discount for 3 classes. I have had issues with the code working, but have not reached out to resolve the problem yet. The owner is a veteran and supportive of the military community. It is a great environment for small events where the social buffer is helpful. The location is pretty centralized and accessible.

Cactus Restaurant (Proctor) photo

Cactus Restaurant (Proctor)

November 04th, 2022

Cactus has a huge menu that goes much wider variety than the standard enchiladas and tacos. I regularly host professional lunches and they are able to acommodate a variety of dietary restrictions without modification. I have experienced dishes that I haven't seen anywhere else in America. there are vegetarian options with unique flavors and several dishes with goat cheese, various roasted vegetables, and fantastic salsa. The food is consistent, fresh, and well staffed. I've noticed it's common in the PNW that Mexican restaurants don't offer free chips. I have always experienced great service. It is regularly requested by my colleagues and the specials are popular.