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What sets BaseHubs apart from our competitors?graphic

What sets BaseHubs apart from our competitors?

The answer is simple: it's YOU. Our curated local hotspots, our helpful and insightful reviews; they come from a community of people who have been in your shoes. Our goal is to help every one of our members live like a local, from day one at their new duty station.

Move with confidence.graphic

Move with confidence.

One of the biggest stressors when it comes to moving with the military is leaving behind all your go-tos. So long to your favorite coffee shop, your weekly date night spot, and your reliable plumber. Lucky for you, BaseHubs is here to help.

Lend a helping hand.graphic

Lend a helping hand.

Community matters. Spread the wealth of your local knowledge with the next wave of newcomers by writing reviews and tapping into your local circle on BaseHubs.

Support those who support you.graphic

Support those who support you.

We partner with local businesses that want to support the military community to bring you the best products and services for your family and friends.