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Robi's Camera photo

Robi's Camera

August 07th, 2022

It seems a thing of the past to print photos now. It’s like we are living in a completely different world. I remember being so excited to pick up our photos as a kid after we dropped off our roles of film. Most of the time there were more bad ones than good but it still didn’t stop the excitement. Stepping into Robi’s Camera shop brought those memories flooding back! Not only do they have amazing print quality but also a variety of options to choose from when printing (after you finally narrow down the thousands of photos you probably took in just one week that is). The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I love supporting small businesses and am so pleased to see this one still standing! They also do rentals for lenses and equipment which is nice if you’re unsure of what you’d like to add next to your collection! An absolute time capsule and even if you don’t end up using their services, it’s worth the visit!

Chihuly Bridge of Glass photo

Chihuly Bridge of Glass

August 07th, 2022

I use to watch Dave Chihuly on tv when I was little and I was obsessed! This is a fun FREE place to explore and bring the kids or go on a date night. It’s beautiful during the day but I prefer it at night. There are plenty of nearby restaurants and businesses to explore as well as the waterfront. I’m always looking for fun cheap things to get out of the house and do so for me this is just splendid! You have to see it for yourself!

Tacoma Comedy Club photo

Tacoma Comedy Club

August 07th, 2022

We have been here a few times and absolutely enjoyed our night to the fullest. From the loaded cheese fries to the knock out drink list (the Sasquatch is a must have). There truly is no bad seating. The staff is friendly and the location is ADA friendly! They always have a great lineup of comedians and have entertainment for a wide variety of ages and interests.

Dr. Carl Nyren Chiropractor photo

Dr. Carl Nyren Chiropractor

August 05th, 2022

Dr. Nyren’s office may be small, but they know their stuff! They have walk-ins and have patients who are in need of both short term adjustments and those who have been getting care from them for years. They are cash only and I was unaware of that the first time I went in so when I told the receptionist this she said “that’s ok just bring in the amount when you come to see us next time” and allowed me to still keep my visit. I felt seen and immediately knew I was in the right place. They truly listen to you and want to help in anyway they can.

Pho PQ photo

Pho PQ

August 05th, 2022

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Phenomenal bubble tea! I love not having to get out of my car when I’m ordering to go. Not only is the food delicious but the bubble tea is other worldly (and I am picky when it comes to my bubble tea). The prices are very reasonable, you can order ahead through a few different options and bonus, they have a drive through! If you’ve never had Vietnamese food and/or bubble tea and feel awkward about standing there trying to figure out what you’d like to order, then this place is for you! You can find their full menu online and order ahead. The service is friendly, fast and convenient!

Lakewood Veterinary Hospital photo

Lakewood Veterinary Hospital

August 05th, 2022

The staff at Lakewood Veterinary hospital go above and beyond in both their wisdom and hospitality! It may feel as though you’ve stepped into a time machine when entering their office but just allow that to reassure you just how knowledgeable Dr. Bob truly is. He has been a local veterinarian for decades and even though he’s been helping people’s fur babies for so long, that doesn’t stop him from knowing when he doesn’t have the ability to do so and hands out referrals when needed. When calling the office if Dr. Bob is unable to talk to you at that moment he will ALWAYS return a phone call and sometimes even after hours! Look no further when searching for a veterinarian to help assist your pet in whatever is needed!