The Gift of Validation

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Jeff Lanctot

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The path of any startup is equal parts exciting and unpredictable. That’s already true of BaseHubs. We’ve really only started to execute on our ideas, and it's a long (but opportunity-filled) road ahead. A year from now, I’m certain that we will have achieved things we haven’t even considered today. We’ll also face unexpected challenges. Unpredictability can be unnerving at times, so it’s important to identify and understand the signals you’re getting along the way.

The best of these signals requires little effort to understand - prospects and customers saying, one way or another, that they like you. They like your idea, or your team, or the product you’ve just released, or all of the above. The power of hearing “you’re on to something big” or “I love what you’re building” can’t be overstated. Some of the validation is indirect, less about who we ARE and more about who we AREN’T. It’s born out of disgust with big established competitors and a yearning for an alternative. We’ve heard versions of all these things in our early days, and it’s invigorating.

As we grow, our customers should, and will, challenge us to be better. The feedback might be tough at times, but every successful company knows it’s important to hear - and be willing to act on - those messages. We are grateful to receive validation of BaseHubs in these early days, and we’ll be grateful when we get pushed to be better. These are all signals, guiding the company down a path that maximizes our impact on the communities and customers we serve.

To all the businesses who have joined BaseHubs since we launched; to those who have provided feedback; to those who have pushed and challenged us, and will do so in the days ahead: Thank You.